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Jonathan Taylor reported back pain in pre-camp physical, source says

The rapid breakdown of the Colts' relationship with running back Jonathan Taylor in late July is among the most astonishing aspects of the scenario. If something had been simmering for months, which seems to be the case, Taylor's team should have brought it to a head far earlier.

To push a trade now would be inappropriate. Who would have the kind of money and cap room — and need — to make a significant move at this point in the calendar, even if the Colts were inclined to allow Taylor to seek a trade? From the team's perspective, it could make sense to let agent Malki Kawa look for a team willing to pay Taylor more than the Colts will.

Perhaps the funds would have been available in March. In any case, it will be more difficult to locate today.

Taylor's options are now constrained. His influence is limited. He should have, but he didn't hold out. Nobody was aware of a problem until it suddenly surfaced last week.

And, sure, it's likely that Colts owner Jim Irsay, whose recent tweets and statements appear, to put it mildly, counterproductive, is the reason Kalwa has struggled to make any real headway on this.

But that has to be considered as part of the overall approach.It's crucial to have a strategy, whatever it may be. The ideal situation calls for a strong one.

There doesn't seem to be a viable plan of action right now to get Taylor his second contract. He is in the structure. Taylor can attempt to avoid payment by bringing up his ankle ailment from the previous season, but the Colts appear willing to at least consider the nuclear option of NFI, which would prevent Taylor from receiving payment until he participates (and would cause him to miss at least six game checks to begin the season).

The bigger issue is that Taylor won't ever sign a significant contract since the Colts can franchise tag him twice (2024 and 2025) and then walk away.

6 years and out. The Colts once treated Edgerrin James, a key member of the outstanding Indianapolis teams from 20 years ago who was playing for the Cardinals by the time the Colts and Peyton Manning finally made it to a Super Bowl, similarly. James was a key member of those teams.