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Asia Cup 2023: Angry Ravichandran Ashwin Blasts Those 'Degrading' India Players, Blames 'IPL Warfare'

Asia Cup 2023: Angry Ravichandran Ashwin Blasts Those 'Degrading' India Players, Blames 'IPL Warfare'

After the announcement of India's Asia Cup 2023 team, there has been much discussion on social media over whether it is a good squad. While the majority of the expected names were called up, a number of them did not.

Such debates annoy India spinner Ravichandran Ashwin, who is not in the squad. To emphasise the point, Ashwin mentioned two players who were selected for the Asia Cup squad. One of them is Tilak Varma, who has yet to play an ODI, and the other is Suryakumar Yadav, whose ODI form has been dismal, as the player admits.

"Tilak hasn't scored much so far in this Ireland series." But he shows incredible intent from the opening ball.

And this youngster is approaching the plate with a clear mind. They have endorsed him for the backup spot because he brings some freshness to the squad. "It's similar to Surya," Ashwin explained on his YouTube account.

"He has that x-factor, which is why the team expects him to perform well in the ODI format as well." We'll look back in time to discover how we've won World Cups in the past. MS Dhoni or any other captain has backed their teammates to succeed. Of course, if you want to have a healthy argument about dropping or picking a player, you can do so.

Suryakumar Yadav is a great player, as we all know. What an impact he's had, what a match-winner he's been, and he's been our go-to T20 guy. "I believe it's all IPL warfare." He went on to explain how the IPL fandom should not make people shortsighted.

"When it comes to the World Cup, we should see all of our players as representing India." Once the IPL is over, put on a garment, move on, and accept that the player performed admirably in the IPL. Even after the IPL, fans continue fighting," he remarked.

"Imagine SKY batting with Virat Kohli in a critical chase. Even if you are not a Mumbai Indians fan, you must like Suryakumar and wish for him to lead us to victory.

"The selectors understand what they're doing. When selecting a squad in a large country like India, there will be some significant players who do not make the cut. So, just because your favourite isn't on the team, don't dismiss the others."

On September 2, India will kick off their Asia Cup 2023 campaign against Pakistan in Colombo.