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Asia Cup 2023: Sanju Samson or Suryakumar Yadav? Who has the edge? Here are detailed stats

Asia Cup 2023: Sanju Samson or Suryakumar Yadav? Who has the edge? Here are detailed stats

Sanju Samson and Suryakumar Yadav are in a virtual competition for a position in the forthcoming Asia Cup and World Cup 2023, with selection spots becoming increasingly limited.

The two players were on the Indian flight for the Caribbean tour and were given opportunities in the middle order in India's tried-and-true strategy. The Asia Cup begins in less than 20 days, and the World Cup begins in less than two months. But, in the 50-over format, who has the upper hand?

KL's injury problems Rahul and Shreyas Iyer have paved the way for players like Sanju Samson and Suryakumar Yadav to break into the format.

It is hardly accurate to suggest that Samson has had far fewer opportunities than Suryakumar, but it is recognised that the latter is backed more due to his T20I success. But what do the ODI statistics indicate about these two?

Sanju Samson outclass Suryakumar on average

In terms of ODI average, Sanju Samson ranks higher than Suryakumar. Samson, a Kerala native, has appeared in 13 matches, accumulating 390 runs at a 55.71 average. Suryakumar, the Mumbai star, has played in double-26 matches, scoring 511 runs at an average of 24.33.

However, Samson has been unbeaten in the format more times than his compatriot. Samson scored a career-high undefeated 86 against South Africa, nearly defeating India. His other unbeaten scores read 6, 43, 30* and 2*.

Suryakumar on the other hand has the best score of 64 to his name. The T20I star has three unbeaten knocks - 31, 34 and 34* in his career.

Who has batted where most often?

The two batters have been batting in the middle order the majority of the time. Samson has batted at number five five times (his most) in his brief ODI career, with four of his 12 ODI innings coming at number six.

Samson's 86* was ranked sixth. Suryakumar has played the most innings in the format, with 11 in 24. Suryakumar's 64-run knock ranked fifth.

How many times both have batted after 30 overs

Suryakumar's stats in ODIs aren't terrific because he's being asked to play the finisher position.

In his career, he has batted at the end of 30 overs 13 times but has only added 189 runs at an average of 15.75 and a strike rate of 112.50.

Samson, on the other hand, has batted in the same phase eight times and scored 207 runs with a 41.40 average and a strike rate of 111.89. Samson's 86* run knock may have helped him gain a large lead here.

Who has the edge?

The statistics may suggest that the pendulum is swinging in Samson's favour, and Suryakumar's numbers appear minor. The management has stated that they want to give players opportunities ahead of the World Cup so that the image for the World Cup is clear.

Many have backed Suryakumar for his daring attitude in T20Is, which has taken longer to translate into ODIs. Samson's upbeat attitude has also been a highlight, but whether the management prefers him over Suryakumar remains to be seen.