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Aswin Again Open Up "Very Difficult To Be Friends" With India Teammates

Aswin Again Open Up "Very Difficult To Be Friends" With India Teammates

It wasn't long ago that Ravichandran Ashwin surprised Indian cricket fans by claiming that the Indian players are more "colleagues than friends."

While Ashwin sees nothing 'bad' in the relationship, some former cricketers have been astonished by how things have changed within the squad over the years.

Returning to the matter, Ashwin stated that there is some discrepancy between what he said and what people understand. He also mentioned why it is difficult for Indian sportsmen these days to remain buddies.

"What I said and what people understand are two completely different things." I meant that earlier, because the tours were longer, there was more room for friendship. However, we are continuously playing these days --- different formats, different teams.

One thing I've always believed is that it's tough to be friends when you're on different teams. "You have to keep that competitive spirit burning in order to compete," he told the Times of India.

The off-spinner also blamed the 'lack of friendships' in the team on the Indian Premier League. Indian teammates compete against one another in T20 leagues, where the competitive character of the game is essential for success.

"When you play IPL, your (international) teammates become your opponents for three months." I'm not saying friendship doesn't happen when you play for so many different teams, but it's difficult.

But, again, it is the way of the world -- the shifting environment -- and I don't see anything terrible about that," he added.

The range of formats and contests in cricket now has come a long way from the past. As a result, according to Ashwin, keeping old friendships is challenging.