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Here's How Babar Azam's Pakistan Cricket Team Can Become No.1 Team In ICC ODI Rankings

Here's How Babar Azam's Pakistan Cricket Team Can Become No.1 Team In ICC ODI Rankings

Australia currently leads the ICC ODI rankings with 118 points, followed by Pakistan in second place with 116 points, and arch-rival India in third place with 115 points.

With an upcoming match between India and Pakistan on September 2 and the Asia Cup on September 10, the focus is on the race for ODI dominance. Australia's dominance is clear, as the country holds the top spot in the rankings.

Pakistan, on the other hand, has emerged as a formidable rival, trailing the leads by only two points. Despite their cricketing brilliance, India is ranked third, setting the scenario for a thrilling duel between the subcontinental heavyweights.

Pakistan is on the verge of a historic achievement. The forthcoming three-match One-Day International (ODI) series against Afghanistan, which will take place in Sri Lanka from August 22 to August 26, is a perfect chance.

If Pakistan wins the series 3-0, they will dethrone Australia at the top of the ICC ODI standings, with 119 points. However, the path to the summit is not without difficulties. A 2-1 series victory would still favour Pakistan, but it would come at a cost—losing valuable points and relinquishing their position to India.

In this circumstance, decimals would be essential, potentially propelling India ahead. A 1-2 loss, on the other hand, would send Pakistan to third place with 111 points, reshuffling the rankings.

Afghanistan's Role: Dark Horse or Game-Changer?

The series against Afghanistan is really important. While Pakistan remains the frontrunner, Afghanistan has shown great white-ball capability. In an unexpected twist, an Afghan sweep might reduce Pakistan's points total to 111, keeping them in third place.

At the same time, Afghanistan's ranking would skyrocket, propelling it to an unprecedented fifth or higher position.

The current ICC ODI Rankings reflect the high level of competitiveness in the cricketing world. Teams such as New Zealand, England, South Africa, and Bangladesh compete for the top spot, hoping to improve their standings.

Afghanistan's dramatic climb exemplifies the fluidity of these rankings, in which successes and defeats redefine the cricketing hierarchy.