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Before the 2023 Cricket World Cup, Babar Azam was greeted with bows by the fans, saying, "It's Not Like We Are In India."

Babar Azam, Bowled Over By Fans,' Welcome Ahead Of Cricket World Cup, 2023 Pakistan cricket team, skipper Babar Azam

Babar Azam has been overwhelmed by the kindness he has received since coming to India and feels totally "at home" in Hyderabad. However, he also mentioned that the Pakistani cricket supporters have been missed as they prepare for the World Cup. The Babar-led Pakistani team has been stationed in Hyderabad, where they have participated in two practise matches. Their tournament opening is scheduled for 6 October against New Zealand. The Pakistan Cricket Board has written to the ICC to request expeditious action regarding the visa procedure for its fans and media, as PTI reported a few days ago. "I felt like the hospitality was excellent. During the ICC Captain's Day ceremony, Babar spoke to the media, "We weren't expecting this, but I think the way people are responding towards our team, everyone (has) enjoyed it."

"It doesn't feel like we are in India—we've been in Hyderabad for a week—but it does feel like home. We're having fun with it, and I believe it's a fantastic chance for everyone to give it their all and enjoy the competition," Babar continued.

It would have been good to see Pakistani fans among the Hyderabad crowd, according to Babar.

"We really enjoyed the hospitality we received from everyone since we arrived in Hyderabad, including the crowd at the last game, the hotel, and the airport," he remarked.

"If we had supporters on our end, it would have been better. We'll make an effort to receive this kind of support at every game, every venue, every time," he declared.

The skipper of Pakistan stated that bowling continues to be his team's strongest asset even without right-arm fast bowler Naseem Shah.

"I believe that bowling is our strength. However, as of right now, we have been playing together for the past three years. The boys are largely the same. "I believe bowling is our strength," he remarked.

On October 14, Babar stated that his team was eager to play India in this, the biggest cricket venue in the globe.

"Yeah, we are thrilled to be here for the first time," he replied.

"We have two matches before the fourteenth one. Our goal is to concentrate on each day and go from match to match. Everyone is looking forward to the India vs. Pakistan match, which is why we are enthusiastic about it at the same time," Babar continued.

Pakistani players haven't appeared in the Indian Premier League in a long time, as teams try to leverage their experience and awareness of the conditions ahead of the World Cup. According to Babar, there is no pressure on Pakistani players in this situation.

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"I don't think there's any pressure; the circumstances here are comparable to those in Pakistan and Asia. We've played some practise and warm-up matches in the last week, and nothing has changed', he remarked.

"The limits are not that great. The bowlers have no margin of error. The batsman takes advantage of the bowler's slight deviation. High scores are anticipated," Babar continued.