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ICC charges former Bangladesh allrounder among seven others for corruption in Abu Dhabi T10 League

ICC charges former Bangladesh allrounder among seven others for corruption in Abu Dhabi T10 League

The ICC's anti-corruption team has brought charges against Bangladesh all-rounder Nasir Hossain and seven other people for what they say are corrupt activities. In a probe into match-fixing, the International Cricket Council said on Tuesday that eight cricket players and officials were charged with breaking rules against corruption.

The fees have to do with the Abu Dhabi T10 League in 2021. The competition was held from November 19 to December 4, 2021. There were six teams in the event.

In a statement, cricket's governing body said, "The ICC, on behalf of the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB), has charged eight players and officials with breaking different parts of the ECB anti-corruption code for T10 League participants."

"The charges are related to the 2021 Abu Dhabi T10 Cricket League and attempts to rig games in that tournament, which were stopped," the statement said.

The people in charge of TTen Sports are upset about the charges that the ICC is putting on them. They have promised to work closely with the ICC to keep the integrity of the game alive.

The statement said, "Ten Sports Management is saddened by the charges brought against eight people who took part in the 2021 T10 tournament in the UAE."

"We take all of these kinds of accusations very seriously, and we don't accept any kind of corruption. We will keep working closely with the ICC on our schedule of T10 events and do everything in our power to make sure cricket stays honest," the statement said.

accused players and the charges brought against them

In addition to Nasir, two co-owners of the Devils, Krishan Kumar Chaudhary and Parag Sanghvi, two local players, Ashar Zaidi (batting coach), Sunny Dhillon (assistant coach), and Shadab Ahamed (team manager), are also facing charges.

Nasir of Bangladesh is being charged under three different articles.

Article 2.4.3: Not telling the DACO that you got a gift worth more than $750.

Article 2.4.4: Failing to tell the DACO all the details of any attempts or requests to take part in corrupt behaviour that are made under the Code.

Article 2.4.6: Failing or declining, without a good reason, to help the DACO with an investigation into possible corrupt behaviour, which is a violation of the Code.

Three Indians are also facing charges, two of whom are co-owners of the team Pune Devils. Former Bangladesh Test batter Nasir Hossain, who played for the Pune Devils in that season, has also been charged with breaking the league's anti-corruption code.

The third Indian who does bad things is a batting coach called Sunny Dhillon who is not very well known.

Among the many charges against the group are match-fixing, giving money to players to get them to do wrong, and not helping the ICC with its probe.

Six of the people who have been charged—Krishn Kumar Chaudhary, Parag Sanghvi, Azhar Zaidi, Rizwan Javed, Saliya Saman, and Sunny Dhillon—have been temporarily banned, and they have until September 19, 2023, to answer the charges.