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ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 schedule to see more changes? Now Hyderabad Police raises concerns

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 schedule to see more changes? Now Hyderabad Police raises concerns

According to reports, the Hyderabad Cricket Association has written to the Board of Control for Cricket in India.

The programme for the 2023 World Cup has already been dramatically altered, with up to nine games rescheduled. The India-Pakistan and Pakistan-England matches were moved up a day, resulting in a number of changes.

The timetable of another Pakistan game may now be jeopardised, with HCA requesting a pause between the two games from the Indian Board.

According to the Indian Express, the state board has asked a break between two straight matches, New Zealand vs. Netherlands (October 9) and Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka (October 10).

This comes after the Hyderabad Police reportedly expressed reservations about providing security for two World Cup matches in a row, particularly the Pakistan match.

The match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka has been moved from October 12 to October 10. This decision was made after the India-Pakistan match was moved from October 15 to October 14 owing to Navratri celebrations in Ahmedabad. Notably, the Pakistan vs. England match, which was initially scheduled for November 12 at Eden Gardens, has been moved up a day.

This was owing to the match falling on a big Bengali festival called Kali Puja. This necessitated changes in a number of other matches.

Nine World Cup matches rescheduled till now

The schedules of seven other matches were altered as a result of these two events. The Pakistan-Sri Lanka match was rescheduled to provide Pakistan adequate time to travel to India. Australia will now play South Africa on October 12, while New Zealand will play Bangladesh on November 13.

Here is the list of nine matches rescheduled

October 10 - England vs Bangladesh
October 10 - Pakistan vs Sri Lanka
October 12 - Australia vs South Africa
October 13 - New Zealand vs Bangladesh
October 14 - India vs Pakistan
October 15 - England vs Afghanistan
November 11 - Australia vs Bangladesh
November 11 - England vs Pakistan
November 12 - India vs Netherlands