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ICC unveils two mascots for ODI World Cup 2023, wants fans to name them

ICC unveils two mascots for ODI World Cup 2023, wants fans to name them

The International Cricket Council (ICC) introduced the mascots for the next World Cup 2023 on Saturday, embodying the spirit and solidarity that cricket promotes around the world and exciting the next generation of cricket fans.

The characters reflect various attributes that emerge as emblems of gender equality and diversity, and were launched at an event in Gurugram, India, attended by ICC U-19 women's and men's winning leaders Shafali Verma and Yash Dhull.

The ever-present characters aim to engage and excite cricket fans and will become an ever-present staple at ICC events, with fans now having the option to assist contribute to the mascots' naming process.

The male and female mascots hail from a land far away, a cricketing utopia known as the Crictoverse, and possess a remarkable blend of explosive energy and entertainment that will assist enhance the entire fan experience and contribute to the dynamic atmosphere of ICC events moving forward.

The female character's precision accuracy assails even the most daring hitters, thanks to a turbo-powered arm firing fireballs at lightning speed.

Her lightning-quick reflexes, strong flexibility, and unwavering determination make her a supercharged fast bowler. She stands ever-ready to set the game ablaze, adorned with a belt containing six power cricket orbs, each strategically prepared for various game-changing techniques.

The male protagonist emits an unmistakable combination of sub-zero cool and high-voltage batting power. Every shot he takes, from sly finesse to seam-smashing sixes, carries an electric intensity that captivates fans.

His electric bat and diverse shot repertoire add to the excitement, lighting up the stage and electrifying the crease with each stroke.

ICC invited fans to participate in naming the iconic characters

"Fans have also contributed to the design and development stages of the mascots through comprehensive surveys encompassing both qualitative and quantitative feedback, in order to engage cricket enthusiasts young and old."

Their important views have played a critical role in crafting the mascot duo's characters, ensuring that they fully resonate with the diverse and passionate cricketing community," the ICC stated.

The introduction event featured an enthralling 3D anamorphic film projection that revealed the mascots' origins and journey to the World Cup.

"We are delighted to launch the ICC's mascot duo ahead of the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023," said ICC Head of Events Chris Tetley. The mascots serve as beacons of unity and passion, representing cricket's international appeal across countries and boundaries. They exemplify the critical importance of gender equality in our dynamic world, as they represent both genders.

In accordance with the ICC's and cricket's aim of connecting with the next generation of cricket fans, these mascots have the ability to engage and delight children, developing a lifetime love for the sport outside of ICC events."

"The mascot duo will be available to engage with fans on the ground, through broadcast and digital mediums, throughout the buildup and during the tournament." Fans will be able to join the voyage by purchasing special mascot-themed gear online and in-stadium, which will include distinctive wearable items like sunglasses, allowing them to take a piece of the Crictoverse wherever they go," ICC stated.