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Jasprit Bumrah On His 'Temple' Celebration After IND vs PAK, Says 'It Just Came To My Mind'

ODI World Cup 2023: The focus is on Indian pacer Jasprit Bumrah's "temple point" celebration during the match versus Afghanistan and Australia. The analogies were made to Marcus Rashford's celebration for Manchester United. Bumhrah is one among the tournament's top wicket-takers.

Known for his explosive pace and remarkable wicket-taking skills, bowling wizard Jasprit Bumrah is creating waves at the 2023 ODI World Cup. Aside from his valiant actions on the pitch, what has the fans talking is his distinctive 'temple point' celebration.

Bumrah has returned from a difficult spell of injury to make a dramatic impact in this year's World Cup, helping India secure early victories. He presently has the most wickets in the tournament, tied with Mitch Santner and Matt Henry of New Zealand, after taking eight wickets in the first three games.

In the match against Pakistan at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, Bumrah accomplished the feat by dismissing Shadab Khan with a delivery. India's bowlers were very skilled as they bowled Pakistan out for just 191 runs, winning the match seven wickets to the none. With statistics of 2/19, Bumrah's effort was vital to India's triumph as he was instrumental in the removal of several important Pakistani batters.

Bumrah's remarkable performance has afforded him numerous opportunity to exhibit his recently adopted 'temple point' celebration, which has been likened to the celebratory style of English football player Marcus Rashford. It's interesting to note that Bumrah has already voiced interest in the English Premier League team.

"I didn't intend for it to become viral or be shared everywhere. I just had the thought. I had also witnessed Rashford perform it on YouTube Shorts. It struck me as cool. It doesn't have a really interesting backstory. Finally, I made the decision to go ahead. Bumrah said of the unusual celebration, "Normally, I'm too tired to celebrate, but that is one occasion where I did."

Fans of India are enthusiastic about the team's performance in the World Cup, and Bumrah acknowledged the need for recuperation despite being pleased with the team's performance.

"We've played three straight games, and thanks to excellent preparation, the outcome has been favourable. There's also a positive team spirit. People are generally at ease. They want to perform well and enjoy themselves with one another. Right now, it's a nice place to be "Bumrah said.

Along with his wife and their newborn, Bumrah will have a unique reunion as India prepares to play Bangladesh in Pune on October 19.

Yes, we are adjusting to being new parents. She is currently looking after our child, and she is doing an amazing job. Although we are still learning a lot of new techniques, we are very happy parents," Bumrah said.