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ODI World Cup 2023 Points Table: India Start With Thumping Win Vs AUS To Add Two Points

ODI World Cup 2023 Points Table: India Start With Thumping Win Vs AUS To Add Two Points

Australia's World Cup journey got off to a rough start on Sunday when they lost to India in their opening game in Chennai. This was the first time Australia has lost their tournament opener since 1992.

On Sunday, October 8, the Indian team defeated Australia by six wickets in a thrilling opening match of the World Cup. The game was played at MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai, a field that is well-known for helping spinners. India won two vital points in the competition with their outstanding all-around performance.

India's middle order flourished despite some early setbacks as they chased a target of 200 runs, propelling the team to fifth place in the points standings among the ten participating teams. Nevertheless, after the first round of play, India is still at the bottom of the list of victors because of their net run rate.

The current leaders in the points table are New Zealand, the runners-up in the previous edition. They defeated England by a stunning nine wickets, chasing down a 283-run mark in just 36.2 overs, and earning an amazing net run rate of 2.149 to take the lead.

After defeating Sri Lanka by a commanding 102 runs and holding them to a whopping 428 runs in their opening tournament match, South Africa is currently ranked second.

In contrast, England, the reigning champions, are currently bottom of the table after suffering a crushing loss to New Zealand, the runners-up from the previous edition, in the tournament's opening match in Ahmedabad on October 5.

Australia, Afghanistan, the Netherlands, and Sri Lanka will be vying for their first-ever victories in the second game as the competition goes on.

In an attempt to maintain their lead at the top, New Zealand will play the Netherlands in Match 6 at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad.

The ICC World Cup 2023 Points Table has been revised.

1. New Zealand: NRR 2.149, 2 points
2. NRR 2.040, 2 points for South Africa
3. Pakistan: NRR 1.620, 2 points
4. Bangladesh: NRR 1.438, 2 points
5. India: 0.883 NRR, 2 points
6. Australia: -0.883, 0 points
7. Afghanistan: NRR -1.438, 0 points
8. Netherlands: NRR -1.620, 0 points
9. Sri Lanka: NRR -2.040, 0 points
10. England: NRR -2.149, 0 points