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On Rohit Sharma's starry World Cup night, Virat Kohli steals the spotlight

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When Rohit Sharma scored 131 runs against Afghanistan during the World Cup, he set a number of batting records, but Virat Kohli was the talk of the town.

Even though Virat Kohli doesn't actively seek out the limelight, it nevertheless follows him. It was scheduled to be Rohit Sharma's last night at the World Cup on October 11, 2023. In addition to breaking four enormous batting records and scoring a century at home during the World Cup, he also, and perhaps most crucially, resembled the Rohit of his mid-20s. Nevertheless, after Rohit's destruction of Afghanistan, all they could discuss about Kohli. Not because he had not lost in fifty matches, but rather because an intense IPL chapter that had gotten out of hand six months prior came to an end.

It was Rohit's moment. On the home ground of Kohli, he was having fun. For the India skipper, who got out for a duck in the previous match against Australia, it was a glorified nets session. A friend texted, "When Rohit plays in full flow, other batters appear mortal." Rohit himself plays with great intensity and flow.

This man truly is unique." Not able to disagree. Another 200 people examined the cards, but the propensity to play for a lengthy time disappears after 36. With 14 boundaries to his credit and 4 sixes, Rohit made sure there were empty seats at a tournament where the lack of attendance has created more commotion than the actual audience.

Owner of a venue that belonged to Kohli, Rohit was until Ishan Kishan was fired. When Kohli entered, the atmosphere shifted. It seemed evident that the crowd erupted when Kohli left the pavilion bearing his name. It needed to. In front of his home supporters, Kohli played his second and last World Cup match. The 22-year-old Kohli, who was still getting used to playing in international cricket, scored 12 off 20 balls in his previous appearance here. 

The people of this city have lived with Kohli as he has gone from being a rookie to being a legend and possibly the greatest cricket player of this generation. But that cheer could have topped even the loudest WWE pops ever when Hashmatullah Shahidi handed the Kotla supporters the moment they had been waiting for, passing the ball to Naveen-ul-Haq at the end of India's opening wicket.

When Rohit tapped the ball for a single, it was crunch time, and Kohli struck. All of the months-long bottled-up energy, social media interactions, mango allusions, and philosophical quotes culminated in Naveen-ul-Haq bowling to Virat Kohli. The crowd's 'Kohli' shouts began well before the game began, during the Afghanistan pacer's pre-game warm-ups, and they reached a fever pitch when he stepped out to bat at No. 10. This was the confrontation that all eyes had been anticipating. 

To top it all off, Gautam Gambhir, the other player involved in this rivalry, was providing commentary when Kohli tapped his bat against the ground and Naveen dashed in to bowl. Every detail was flawless.

The first ball rolled to the long-off fielder after being crunched off the centre of VK's large red MRF. Although Rohit was already belting sixes and boundaries against the Afghan spinners, Kohli took a more measured approach, which left a few Delhiites feeling a little let off. Kohli was bowled ten deliveries by Naveen, however he was only able to hit three singles. Even still, Rohit's century, the World Cup, and India vs. Afghanistan were eclipsed by the Kohli vs. Naveen match.

The moment of the innings, the match and possibly the World Cup came in the 26th over when, following the loss of Rohit's wicket, Naveen approached Kohli and ended their long-standing argument that began in May. Though Naveen had initiated the initial contact, Kohli, who had grown into a kind giant, grinned back. And with that, the hostility that had started off with a bang had ceased with a whisper. 

Kohli then downplayed it even more when he asked people not to make fun of Naveen, recalling a similar action taken by the London audience in 2019 at the World Cup, when the former captain of Australia was being ridiculed for the infamous 'Sandpapergate' controversy.

There was more friendliness between Virat and Naveen. We can't emphasise this enough, but it persisted even after the game. It wasn't because of his unbeaten 55 off 56 balls, his six boundaries, or his ability to score the winning runs that Kohli began to trend again. 

Even ten hours after India's comprehensive 8-wicket thumping, Kohli and Naveen's newfound friendship was making headlines. Rohit was asked to speak twice on the mic, once for winning the Player-of-the-Match award and again for sharing his thoughts as the winning captain.

The Indian people enjoys the most fun the morning after an India victory since there are an endless supply of memes and gifs available online. On the plus side, though, a fascinating film captured the lovely friendship between Rohit and Kohli. The camera went towards Rohit's dressing room as he scored his 31st ODI century. Kohli burst into a grin that only true best buddies can. 

The drama surrounding Kohli's captaincy crisis has put an end to the rumours of schism, tension, coldness, and divisions. The core of this unbreakable relationship is demonstrated by their steadfast support of one another during press conferences, their unceasing show of affection, and their celebrations whenever India completes a significant victory.

When Kohli and Rohit were batting together against Pakistan during the 2012 Asia Cup were chit-chatting at the end of an over, Sunil Gavaskar famously said on air that "Rahul Dravid has retired." This was 11 years ago. 

I don't know how long Sachin Tendulkar will be around, but this is where Indian cricket is going to go." The two mainstays of India's batting for more than ten years have been Kohli and Rohit, and to be honest, it doesn't really matter who gets more media attention, runs, or attention when the World Cup comes around on November 19.