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Reports: Punjab Rangers, QRFs And Pakistan Army To Be Deployed For Asia Cup 2023 Security

Reports: Punjab Rangers, QRFs And Pakistan Army To Be Deployed For Asia Cup 2023 Security

As the Asia Cup 2023 approaches, Pakistan is preparing to host the prestigious competition for the first time since the World Cup in 1996. Security, a top priority for both players and fans, has taken centre stage in the planning.

According to GeoTV's trustworthy sources, the federal cabinet has approved the deployment of the Pakistan Army and Punjab Rangers to secure the safety of all players and spectators.

The tournament will begin on August 30 in the bustling city of Multan, with four games scheduled in Multan and Lahore, the hosting cities of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Increased Security Measures

The decision to include the Pakistan Army and Punjab Rangers in security operations was decided in response to a request by the Punjab caretaker administration, emphasising the urgency of the situation.

This enhanced security system will be in place from August 27 through September 6, encompassing the whole Asia Cup 2023. Special troops will also stay on standby, ready to respond quickly to any unforeseen events.

According to GeoTV's sources, the Punjab Rangers would be part of the second-tier Quick Reaction Forces (QRFs), while the Pakistan Army will be in the third-tier QRF mode.

This multi-tiered strategy guarantees that security measures are resilient and adaptive, reducing risks and increasing safety for all parties involved.

Increasing Trust in Pakistan's Security

Since the heinous attack on the Sri Lankan team bus in 2009, the security of cricketing events in Pakistan has been a source of international concern.

Pakistan has made great efforts in recent years to restore normalcy and regain faith in its security systems. The success of Pakistan's tours to Australia, England, and New Zealand has proved the country's dedication to organising safe and secure cricketing events.

The Asia Cup 2023 Schedule

The Asia Cup 2023 is set to be an exciting cricketing spectacle, featuring top teams from the region. Here's a glimpse of the group stage and Super 4s schedule:

Group Stage

August 30: Pakistan vs Nepal in Multan
August 31: Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka in Kandy
September 2: Pakistan vs India in Kandy
September 3: Bangladesh vs Afghanistan in Lahore
September 4: India vs Nepal in Kandy
September 5: Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka in Lahore

Super 4s

September 6: A1 vs B2 in Lahore
September 9: B1 vs B2 in Colombo
September 10: A1 vs A2 in Colombo
September 12: A2 vs B1 in Colombo
September 14: A1 vs B1 in Colombo
September 15: A2 vs B2 in Colombo
September 17: Final in Colombo