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Shubman Gill Discharged After Spending a Night in Hospital; Likely to Miss India vs Pakistan World Cup Match

Shubman Gill Discharged After Spending a Night in Hospital; Likely to Miss India vs Pakistan World Cup Match

Shubman Gill had to be taken to the hospital on October 8 "for observation" after his platelet count fell below 100,000 per microliter, but he was allowed to leave on October 9.

Shubman Gill, 24, will probably miss India's 2023 World Cup match against Pakistan since his platelet count has fallen below 1,00,000 per microliter.

Although it is lower than usual, this dengue statistic is not concerning. The child was admitted to the hospital the day before "for observation," but he has already left and is recuperating back at the hotel.

Gill was admitted to the hospital the day before, on October 8, for observation after his platelet count fell below a million. He returned to the hotel on October 9 and is still receiving treatment there, so nothing concerning there.

All of his medical care, including frequent glucose doses and other procedures, has been receiving place exclusively at hotels since his arrival in Chennai, an insider informs

The right-hander did not go to Delhi for the team's next game against Afghanistan, and Gill will likely be sidelined for a longer period of time given the short turnaround between India's game against Afghanistan and the highly anticipated encounter against Pakistan in Ahmedabad in just two days.

It has also come to light that Gill did not board the trip to Delhi since the medical staff treating and supervising him were from Chennai, and the management was unwilling to change flights in Delhi.

"Going to Delhi would have required seeking medical advice from a new facility and physician there. The management held him back in Chennai to prevent any unnecessary trip because they didn't want it to occur. It is anticipated that he will only join the team after receiving the doctor's approval.

He is currently being treated by physicians in Chennai and the BCCI medical staff, who have been keeping an eye on him since he arrived in Chennai," the source continues.

Even though it is now extremely improbable that he will play in the match against Pakistan, the young player is improving quickly and responding well to treatment.

"Gill is making progress towards his goal of being 70–80% recovered, and his vital indicators are getting better. It's hard to predict when he'll return, but things seem promising," the source states.

No official word from BCCI, team management yet

Gill's illness has not yet been confirmed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) or the Indian team management. The media update from October 9 just stated that Gill will stay in Chennai under the care of the medical staff.

He is recuperating well and making progress, according to coach Rahul Dravid, captain Rohit Sharma, and bowling coach Paras Mhambrey.

"Gill is ill, but he's not 100%. Therefore, there is no reason for concern regarding injuries. Gill is not in good health.

We keep an eye on him every day. We will thus give him every opportunity to heal and monitor his condition. In the pre-match press conference, Rohit had stated, "So, he's not ruled out yet."

Rohit responded, "No, it doesn't worry," when asked if Gill's health was a concern. It's apparent that he is ill. I'm sorry for him. However, as the human being that I am, I want him to recover, not the captain saying, "Oh, I hope Gill plays tomorrow." No, I want him to get better because, as a young man with a fit body, I know he will heal quickly.

Coach Dravid made similar remarks the day before Rohit did, stating that he is often checked on by the medical staff.

"He feels much better today, for sure. Every day, the medical team keeps an eye on everything. We'll wait and see what they decide in the next 36 hours. Dravid stated, "He's definitely feeling better today," two days prior to India's match against Australia.

Team India in a spot

Ishan Kishan opened the innings against Australia in Gill's absence, however he was out for a duck. Ishan must perform well in a position where he has spent the majority of his cricket career because the right-hander is expected to miss a few more matches, shattering the established opening combination of Rohit Sharma and Gill.

The violent southpaw was getting ready for a middle-order position, where he made an impact against Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2023, but he will now need to quickly adapt to perform at the top of the order.

BCCI October 9 Medical Update on Shubman Gill

On October 9, 2023, Team India batter Shubman Gill would not be heading to Delhi with the team. The opening batter, who was absent from the team's opening match in the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 against Australia in Chennai, is expected to be absent from the team's following match on October 11 against Afghanistan in Delhi.

He will remain in Chennai, where he will be monitored by the medical staff.