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Shubman Gill Is Not Likely To Play India's Opening ODI World Cup Match Against Australia in 2023: Source

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Shubman Gill's health is a concern for the Indian cricket squad ahead of their maiden World Cup match against Australia. According to a source, Gill, one of India's main hitters in One-Day Internationals and a player in excellent form, has a high temperature right now.

The article went on to say that there are questions regarding his availability for the game on Sunday. Ishan Kishan might replace Gill as the opener if he is declared unable to play. Gill's participation status will be determined following his dengue test on Friday.

"Shubhman's temperature has been elevated since arriving in Chennai. They are testing him. He will take tests on Friday, and PTI cited a BCCI as stating that a decision over his participation in the opening game would be made.

Shubman Gill looks to be undergoing testing for dengue, and if that's the case, he might miss a few games. While recovery times for dengue patients can vary, it usually takes 7–10 days for a full recovery and readiness for a match.

The Indian cricket team may suffer a setback in their World Cup preparations.

"Let us not act hastily. He might benefit from antibiotics if it's just a typical viral fever, but the medical staff has final say in the matter, the insider continued.