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Shubman Gill is unable to participate in the first two Twenty23 ODI World Cup games

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The Indian squad is about to take a severe hit before they play Australia in their debut match of the 2023 ODI World Cup on Sunday, October 8.

Shubman Gill, the standout and dominant opening batsman, is uncertain for the first game in Chennai due to a suspected case of dengue.

In the event that Gill is unable to make it, Ishan Kishan is expected to open the Indian innings alongside captain Rohit Sharma.

With fewer than 24 hours remaining in the match, head coach Rahul Dravid did not want to give up on the scenario, even though BCCI has not yet confirmed the cause of the ailment.

"Today he feels better. "He is doing better, and the medical team is keeping an eye on him," Dravid stated at a press conference on Friday.

Dravid played it safe and revealed very little.

"Technically, he is still available for the opening game. He stated, "The medical staff is keeping an eye on him, and (we) will make a decision after tomorrow.

Still, things might not be as good as they seem.

PTI cited a BCCI official as stating, "Gill is not well and he is in no position to play at least the first two games (of the WC)".

The BCCI had already declared that they were awaiting Gill's status.

"The medical staff is keeping a careful eye on him because he is under the weather. We are hope that he recovers quickly. We will need to wait for additional information from the medical staff," the BCCI medical update said.

Before a decision is made regarding Gill's availability, he will reportedly undergo a dengue test. Gill has been India's most productive batter in One-Day Internationals recently.

"Shubman's fever has been elevated since arriving in Chennai. The BCCI source stated, "His participation in the opening game would be decided after his examinations are completed.

Test results have not yet confirmed that Gill has dengue, but if they do, he may miss a few World Cup games, which would be a huge blow for India.

It should be mentioned that it typically takes a player longer than a week to recover from a Degue infection and return to full fitness.

Although Gill might not play against Australia, there's a good chance he won't play against Pakistan on October 14 and Afghanistan on October 11 if his recuperation takes longer.

"Let us not act hastily. He might benefit from antibiotics if it's just a typical viral fever, but the medical staff has final say in the matter, according to the source.

This season, Gill has amassed 1,200 runs, and he and captain Rohit Sharma have recently developed a strong opening partnership.