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Shubman Gill reveals why his opening partnership with Rohit Sharma can be successful at World Cup

Shubman Gill reveals why his opening partnership with Rohit Sharma can be successful at World Cup

Shubman Gill, a young Indian batter, thinks that his connection with Rohit Sharma at the top of the order will be important when India hosts the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup in October and November.

Gill and Rohit are getting off to a great start as a pair in ODI cricket. In the nine times they have batted together in this format, they have added 685 runs at a rate of 76.11. If you take out the one time they batted together when they didn't start the game, their average as a pair goes up to 85.37.

"It's great to be able to talk to him about anything, especially since all the attention is on him. He's the kind of person who wants the other hitters to go ahead and play the way they want to. In that way, he gives the players complete freedom in how they want to play," Gill told ICC.

Shubman Gill has done well in international cricket, especially in 50-over games, where he has played 27 times and has an average of 62.47. The agile batter has also hit four centuries, including a double century against New Zealand in a one-day international.

In One-Day Internationals (ODIs), on the other hand, Rohit Sharma doesn't need to be introduced because he has set many records during his long career. The Indian leader is the first batter in the format to have three double tonnes, and during the 2019 World Cup, he became the only player to have five hundreds.

This is similar to what Yashasvi Jaiswal was told when he made his Test debut in July and scored a hundred.

The 21-year-old scored 171 runs against the West Indies in Dominica, and Rohit, the team's captain, talked about some of the tips he gave during the early innings.

"In the middle, all we did was talk to him and tell him, 'You belong here,'" Rohit said.

"That is the most important thing, because when you play your first Test match, you keep asking yourself if you belong here or not."