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Sri Lanka Cricket suspends all domestic tournaments, Ministry of Sports to run old structure

Sri Lanka Cricket suspends all domestic tournaments, Ministry of Sports to run old structure

According to a source, Sri Lanka Cricket has stopped all local events with immediate effect.

"Sri Lanka Cricket has decided to immediately halt all board-conducted domestic tournaments," according to one report.

"This includes both the current Major Club 3-Day Tournament and the Invitational Club Tier 'B' 3-Day Tournament."

"As a result, Sri Lanka Cricket has been forced to suspend all SLC-organized domestic cricket tournaments until further clarification is obtained."

According to the source, the crisis arose as a result of SLC's 2021 battle about overhauling its domestic tournaments, which many thought was exaggerated.

The now-defunct Technical Advisory Committee, led by Aravinda de Silva, had proposed replacing the two-tier structure with 13 teams divided into two groups, competing in three-day matches throughout the season.

While there was a relegation-promotion system in place, the relegated teams were unable to compete in first-class events, which led to objections from those teams.

The two-tier structure was resumed during an extraordinary general meeting in June, with the restoration of the Major Club three-day competition and the Invitational Club Tier B three-day tournament.

While it was also determined that four demoted sides from 2022 and the top six sides from the Governor's Trophy would compete in the tier-B competition, Gesto Cricket Club (GCC) opposed for unknown reasons, and the subject was taken to Sri Lanka's Court of Appeals and the Ministry of Sports.

Meanwhile, the Director General of Sports responded to SLC, indicating that modifications to the tournament structure are only possible if the board constitution is modified, which requires the consent of the sports minister under Sri Lanka's Sports Law.

SLC is currently waiting for an answer from Sports Minister Roshan Ranasinghe.