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Stuart Broad Predicts IND vs ENG Final, Backs THIS Team To Win World Cup 2023

Stuart Broad
Stuart Broad, a former England fast bowler, thinks India will win the 2023 World Cup. Broad thinks that India will have an edge in the World Cup because they are hosting it. He also said that the Men in Blue play great cricket and will be hard to beat in the big event. Broad also said that India would play England in the final.

Stuart Broad, a former fast bowler for England, believes that India under Rohit Sharma will win the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2023.

According to Broad, the Men in Blue will have an ideal tournament and be extremely difficult to defeat in the main event. Although Jos Buttler's England has the capacity to score massive totals, Broad believes that the hosts will be a challenging team to defeat.

Remarkably, since the 2011 tournament, home teams have prevailed in the World Cup. Prior to Australia's triumph in 2015 as hosts, India became victorious in the World Cup in 2011. In 2019, England triumphed at the World Cup, maintaining the previous pattern.

India now has a strong possibility, in Broad's opinion, of winning the World Cup in their own country.

"It will be an incredible effort if England can win the World Cup again, but my gut tells me that if India plays their ideal tournament, they will be very hard to stop," Broad stated in his Daily Mail column.

Jos Buttler has a team that can score big runs, no doubt about it, but I believe India will be extremely tough to defeat since they are the top-ranked ODI team and they are hosting the match.

It is evident from recent history that home teams typically do well in 50-over World Cups: India won in 2011, Australia hosted the trophy final in 2015, and England triumphed in 2019. India would therefore have to be overwhelming favourites only based on that," he continued.

India are playing excellent cricket, and their star fast bowler, Jasprit Bumrah, is back to his best, according to Broad. He also mentioned how England's demanding schedule could hurt the team's prospects of winning the World Cup. He nevertheless continued to support England to go to the World Cup final.

Broad added, "Then consider that they're playing pretty good cricket, and their main fast-bowler star, Jasprit Bumrah, is nearing full fitness."

As opposed to England. To put it nicely and avoid coming across as an excuse, they have quite the appeal. They go from city to city rather than playing two games in one place.

Some are fortunate enough to be able to reserve a spot for a week and play two games. They haven't. However, because all teams face each other in the round-robin phase, England would be devastated if they didn't advance to the semifinals and final, Broad said.