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There's good news for fans of the IND vs PAK match: BCCI will be handing out thousands of tickets today

There good news, for fans, of the IND vs PAK match, BCCI will be handing, out thousands, of tickets today

IND versus PAK: As you may be aware, there is always a new frenzy among the fans during each India-Pakistan encounter. Everyone enjoys watching the match between India and Pakistan, even if 1% of the audience leaves to watch a another team. Additional ticket sales for the India vs. Pakistan match have been announced by the Indian Board of Control for Cricket. Let me inform you that BCCI has completed all necessary arrangements to provide 14,000 extra tickets for this exciting match.

More tickets will be distributed by BCCI today.

The game between Pakistan and India will take place at Ahmedabad's Narendra Modi Stadium on October 14. Due to lower attendance at some of the other matches than the first game, BCCI has opted to offer more tickets. The majority of the seats in Ahmedabad Stadium were empty on October 5, the day of the first game between New Zealand and England. Numerous cricket gurus then offered ideas regarding ticket distribution.

Sales of tickets will begin at 12:00.

We would like to inform you that tickets for the match scheduled for today, October 14, at 12:00 PM, will be distributed by BCCI. The official website is another place where you can get tickets if you'd want to. Allow us to clarify: this is not a brand-new drama. The BCCI had already shifted the match date prior to this, before the World Cup matches had even begun. This has also led to a state of misunderstanding among the populace.