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'Why Do Certain People do Better Than Others?': Kohli's Mantra to Young Net Bowler Ahead of PAK Clash

'Why Do Certain People do Better Than Others?': Kohli's Mantra to Young Net Bowler Ahead of PAK Clash

Team India has moved its base to Colombo as they get ready to play their first Super Four game on Sunday against their biggest enemy, Pakistan.

On Thursday, the unit trained inside, but on Friday, they were able to practise at R Premadasa Stadium under the lights because of the weather.

Rohit Sharma and the rest of the team are working hard in the nets, leaving no stone left as they prepare for Sunday's very important game against the "men in green."

While that was going on, Virat Kohli talked to a few of the local cricket players who were helping the Indian players in the nets. In a film posted by the BCCI on Saturday, Kohli might be giving young net bowlers some good advice.

"Eight out of ten times, your mind will get you through. Because you do those 0.1–0.2% things that other people don't do because they don't know about them. If you know about these things, you'll know that 0.1 to 0.2% of things make a difference.

Everyone is out there playing cricket. So why do some people do better than others? It's because of those little things," Kohli was heard telling a group of young players.

KL Rahul joins the party

As the Indian cricket team gets ready for the high-stakes match against Pakistan, KL Rahul joins the team. The next day, he hit balls in the indoor nets. On Friday night, he kept wickets for almost 45 minutes. Rahul's hard practise as a keeper in the nets might have also helped his chances of making India's starting XI.

Rahul started the training by standing up to the wickets while two support staff members played the roles of batter and bowler as a way to practise keeping to spinners.

The drill came after an evaluation of Rahul's ability to get a stumping, and then Kuldeep Yadav batted to try Rahul's ability to keep against a left-handed batter. Even though there are clear signs that he is ready, the team management will have to think hard about putting Rahul in the line-up.