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World Cup: India vs Pakistan match rescheduled to October 14, few more changes expected

World Cup: India vs Pakistan match rescheduled to October 14, few more changes expected

The highly anticipated match between India and Pakistan in the 2023 ODI World Cup in India is now slated to take place on October 14, one day sooner than originally planned.

The World Cup schedule is set to undergo a few additional changes, as previously stated by BCCI Secretary Jay Shah, with a formal notification about these changes anticipated for August First Week.

Three boards requested a calendar adjustment in a letter to the ICC last week, and Jay Shah predicted that there would be a few alterations.

The names of the members who requested the adjustments were kept private, but he indicated that only the dates and times of the matches will be altered in order to reduce the gap to 4-5 days.

"Three members have written to the ICC requesting a revision in the schedule. Only the date and timings will change; the locations won't. We are attempting to cut the time between games down to 4-5 days if there is a six-day gap. In three to four days, everything will be evident. Changes will be made after consulting with the ICC, according to Shah.

The local Ahmedabad police raised worries about providing enough security on October 15 in light of the festival of Navratri beginning that same day, prompting the decision to alter the India vs. Pakistan matchup in the 2023 ODI World Cup.

Fans who had already planned their vacation, including reserving flights and hotels in Ahmedabad for the high-profile match, felt uneasy after the schedule changes were revealed.

One of the most viewed sporting events worldwide is the India vs. Pakistan match, which has historically been a pinnacle match in world cricket.

Since they last faced off in the 2019 ODI World Cup, which India prevailed handily, they hold the advantage with a 7-0 head-to-head record versus Pakistan in Cricket World Cup history.

On the other side, the main competition will start on October 5 at the same location with the defending champions England taking against New Zealand.