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Colombo Weather Update Asia Cup 2023 Final: Will India Vs Sri Lanka Match Get Cancelled Due To Rain On September 17 and 18?

Colombo Weather Update Asia Cup 2023 Final: Will India Vs Sri Lanka Match Get Cancelled Due To Rain On September 17 and 18?

Tommorow On September 17, the India vs. Sri Lanka Asia Cup 2023 final is under risk of rain. The R Premadasa International Stadium in Colombo will host the final as well.

Following two days of rather dry weather on September 16 and 17, cricket fans should expect dismal weather. The competition has seen a number of start-stops, particularly in the Super 4 leg, which was primarily held in Colombo.

Fortunately, only the India vs. Pakistan group stage match in Kandy on September 2 was rained off. Only 16 overs were lost in the Super 4s despite the intense rain, which is a credit to the ground crew's dedication.

Over the last week, they have faced several challenges, including occasionally having to run covers to and from the pitch.

The final between Sri Lanka and India is probably going to have the same outcome because a sizable amount of rain is expected on Sunday, the day of the game.

September 17 weather update for Colombo

Accuweather predicts that on September 17, precipitation in Colombo will be 90%. 99 percent of the sky is probably covered with clouds, and the wind speed is 15 km/h. The game is scheduled to begin at 3 pm IST, and there is a 90% chance of rain in the afternoon. Not much happens with the weather forecast until nightfall.

The final's outcome will be greatly influenced by the weather. When the Duckworth-Lewis technique is applied to alter the circumstances in a rain-affected match, the team that wins the toss will want to set a target because chasing can be difficult.

In order to select the ideal XI, the teams will also need to wait and observe how much it rains before tossing. The pitch's nature is likely to change if it rains heavily before the toss and it is covered.

Additionally, the tracks at R Premadasa in Super 4 are already worn down from the constant cricket matches played there. The weather on September 17 is expected to be somewhat rainy, so be prepared for some intense runs.

To avoid any batting mishaps, Team India and Sri Lanka will need to bat sensibly at first. Spinners might be used in the championship game. Both India and Sri Lanka have strong spinners on their teams.

There is a reserve day for the final, which is a plus. The Super 4 match between India and Pakistan was the only other reserve day. The match will begin on September 18 if it doesn't happen on September 17. Both teams will split the spoils if there is a washout on September 18.