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Asia Cup 2023 Final: Got a message from trainer to stop Siraj, says Rohit Sharma

Asia Cup 2023 Final: Got a message from trainer to stop Siraj, says Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma, the captain of India, said that India's trainer got in the way and stopped Mohammed Siraj from bowling his full 10 overs. In the Asia Cup Final, India beat Sri Lanka by significantly. Siraj threw seven straight overs.

Siraj was dangerous from the start. In his second over, he took four wickets, which left the co-hosts stunned in the final of the continental clash.

In the press conference after the game, the India captain called Mohammed Siraj India's new hero and said that the pacer wanted to bowl more but couldn't because the Indian trainer didn't want him to take on too much before the ODI World Cup 2023.

"In that spell, he bowled 7 overs. A lot is 7 overs. I wanted him to bowl, but our trainer told me we needed to stop him. He was very eager to bowl, but that's just how bowlers and batters are. When they see a chance, they want to jump on it right away. Rohit Sharma told the press after the game, "It's my job to make sure things stay calm and don't get blown out of proportion."

In January 2023, Siraj had caused a lot of trouble for Sri Lanka. In the last ODI of the series, Siraj got rid of Sri Lanka's entire batting order and bowled several overs in a row.

"That's the verdict. I remember that he was in a similar position in Trivandrum against Sri Lanka. He had gotten 4 wickets and had bowled, I think, 8 or 9 overs in a row," Sharma said.

The captain praised the bowler for his work and said that Siraj found more swing than the others during the game. Sharma also said that India has had different stars step up during the game, and it was Siraj's day in the Asia Cup Final.

"The pitch caught me by surprise. I can't say anything about how they hit and all that. I can only say how we did at bowling.

Siraj got the ball to move a little bit more than the other players. We'll see different heroes step forward, and we'll all back him up. Rohit came to the end that it was Siraj's day.