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Axar Patel's Instagram Story Controversy: Real Or Fake?

Axar Patel's Instagram Story Controversy: Real Or Fake?

The dispute related to Axar Patel's Instagram stories has been resolved, and the team has begun focusing on the upcoming challenges.

While the cricketing world awaits the 2023 ODI World Cup, the Indian cricket team is dealing with an unexpected last-minute changes to its squad. Ravichandran Ashwin, the experienced off-spinner, came in for the injured Axar Patel on September 28 (Friday). This change raised eyebrows and sparked some interesting discussions on social media.

The speculation around Axar Patel's exclusion from the World Cup squad began when a strange Instagram story appeared on his account. Axar expressed regret in the first tale, indicating that he should have chosen a career in science rather than commerce and invested in better public relations.

The article stated, "Should have taken science instead of commerce and hired a better PR." In a following article, he uploaded an animated graphic of a skeleton using scissors to chop a heart. Both of these pieces, however, inexplicably vanished shortly after they were published, leaving fans mystified.

The Screenshots That Have Gone Viral

As with any high-profile athlete's social media post, Axar Patel's Instagram stories rapidly went viral, sparking significant discussion and controversy. Fans, media, and cricket fans all across the world shared and debated the mysterious posts. Patel's disappointment appeared to be evident.