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Gautam Gambhir's 'obscene' gesture amid 'Kohli' chants goes viral, says Pakistanis raised anti-India slogans

Gautam Gambhir's 'obscene' gesture amid 'Kohli' chants goes viral, says Pakistanis raised anti-India slogans

Unexpectedly, during India vs. Nepal in the Asia Cup 2023, former cricket player and BJP MP Gautam Gambhir—now a well-known commentator—became embroiled in a dispute that sent shockwaves through the cricketing community.

Amidst exuberant supporters yelling "Kohli! Kohli!" Gambhir's purportedly lewd gesture, captured on camera, has triggered a contentious discussion.

Gamhir's Justification

Gambhir has explained his actions in response to the Asia Cup 2023 controversy, saying that he will not stand for anything that is against his nation.

He blamed his purportedly lewd gesture on some anti-Indian sentiments voiced by several spectators. He claimed that it was a natural response to defend the honour of his nation.

"People show whatever they want to show on social media, so what is shown there has no truth," stated Gambhir. The viral video actually shows that if you yell anti-Indian slogans and talk about Kashmir, the person in front of you would undoubtedly react, not smile, and walk away.

There were two or three Pakistanis speaking there, and they talked about Kashmir and were critical of India. So that was a natural response from me. Nothing that is hostile to my nation comes to mind. Thus, that was my response.

The 2023 Asia Cup Incident

Virat Kohli and Virat Gambhir's animosity has been more intense since the footage of Gambhir allegedly making an inappropriate gesture during the India vs. Pakistan match went viral on social media.

The incident has overtaken the play on the pitch, and cricket fans are looking forward to more developments in this developing tale. In regards to this incident, the cricket community is now awaiting a reaction from Gambhir and the authorities.

A Feud's History: Gambhir vs. Kohli

Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir have been harbouring resentment towards one another for a some now. Their simmering enmity has now seen a new chapter with the Asia Cup 2023 scandal. During an IPL 2023 game between the Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), tensions first started to escalate.

IPL 2023 Fight: Flames Arise

Kohli's Royal Challengers Bangalore and Gambhir's Lucknow Super Giants squared off in an IPL 2023 encounter at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium. The match delivered on its promise, with a suspenseful conclusion in which LSG won by a mere wicket. But the events that transpired next were explosive.

Following the game, a video of Gambhir motioning to the boisterous Bengaluru fans to remain silent went viral on social media. Increased tension was present for RCB's return fixture against Lucknow. Known for his flamboyant celebrations, Kohli constantly incited LSG players with his exuberant actions.

Stresses Overcome

When Kohli and Naveen-ul-Haq got into a furious argument during the second innings, it was boiling point time. With a flourish, RCB triumphed, leaving LSG reeling. Things became much more heated at the traditional handshake after the game.

Gambhir got into a heated disagreement with Kohli while attempting to diffuse the situation. To stop an all-out fight between the two, their teammates had to intervene.

Gambhir's Divorceable Attitude as a Commentator

It's important to remember that there have been some controversy around Gambhir's switch from player to broadcaster. His remarks regarding the Indian cricket board's participation in multi-nation tournaments against Pakistan while avoiding bilateral matches garnered harsh criticism earlier this year.

Without a doubt, Gautam Gambhir's reported lewd gesture during the Asia Cup 2023 has opened a new front in his ongoing conflict with Virat Kohli.

It's unclear how Gambhir and the authorities would handle this matter as cricket fans watch for more updates in this scandal. Whatever the result, one thing is for sure: this episode will go down in cricket history as a fiercely competitive and passionate occasion.