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I am not holding back, the body feels Just good: NeW Team India Captain Jasprit Bumrah

I am not holding back, the body feels Just good: NeW Team India Captain Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah is ready to go. There was evidence on the BCCI's official social channels of him bowling his trademark toe-crushers at a good velocity. The India skipper for the Ireland T20Is in Dublin also stated before of the series opener that he was 'all well' now.

"Everything is OK. I'm delighted to be back. I've been putting in a lot of effort at the NCA. It's been a long road, but everything is well, my body feels fine, and I'm looking forward to getting back into the game," Bumrah added. "It's good to be back. I need game time, and it'll be nice to play again, so I'm excited."

Bumrah has been out with a back ailment since September 2022, missing the ODI series against Sri Lanka at the time. Even as the IPL season began, Mumbai Indians skipper Rohit Sharma urged against hurrying him back.

He subsequently underwent back surgery in New Zealand in March and has been on the mend ever since, missing all of the action along the way.

After spending a significant amount of time at the NCA in rehabilitation, he was pronounced fit to play in the Ireland series and was selected captain. Bumrah confessed that he needed to give his body time to recover from the injury.

"I was obviously looking forward to returning. When they came to the NCA, I met a number of players as well. Some things are out of your control. You must respect the body's demand for healing time. When you return, there's a lot of hunger because when you play cricket all year, you don't know what an off-season is like.

"So, once my physical restrictions were lifted, I was only looking to improve my bowling and my overall body strength." I was doing that while simultaneously keeping track on India's cricket.

It felt fantastic to finally meet players after such a long period. It's lovely. Some guys from the West Indies have arrived, and they are confident, so it felt fantastic," Bumrah continued.

In the second half of the year, with the Asia Cup later this month and a home ODI World Cup in October-November, Bumrah's return to full fitness will be a huge boost for the Indian team.

Bumrah himself indicated that he isn't holding back from bowling at full speed because he spent a lot of time bowling in the nets and in practise matches to get back up to speed.

"In the nets, I was bowling normally." It's not like I'm being reserved. It's a lot of fun for me. I've had quite a few online sessions here. When my recuperation was completed, I returned home and even practised with the Gujarat squad. I've done a lot of net sessions in a variety of locations, as well as a lot of practise matches.

"So it's not like I'm bowling with a limitation or holding back." Obviously, you enjoy bowling when you're with the Indian team and in nice weather. "I'm not holding back, my body feels great, and I'm looking forward to the upcoming games," Bumrah continued.

Bumrah missed the IPL and the World Test Championship this year, and there was some doubt about his ability to recover in time for the big events. Bumrah, on the other hand, believes he spent less time worrying about his career and the chance of playing again and more time focusing on finding solutions to the setbacks he had faced.

"It can be frustrating when an injury takes a long time to heal." But instead of worrying that I might not recover, I was only concerned with getting better and returning to the pitch as soon as possible. Obviously, it is critical to respect the body's demand for time.

"I never imagined it was over or that these were my dark days… I wasn't getting ahead of myself. There were issues, and I was considering how to address them.

Once the solutions were presented, I felt certain that I would gradually return and work my way up. That's what I was thinking of. "After that, everything cleared up, and I'm back, and I'm very happy to be back," he stated.

Despite the fact that his return will be in the shortest format, Bumrah claimed that he spent a significant amount of time in rehabilitation bowling longer sessions to get his body ready for the Asia Cup and World Cup.

"In my rehabilitation, I was never preparing for a T20 game; I was always preparing for a World Cup competition… so I've bowled 10, 12, and even 15 overs." I've bowled more overs, so it's easier for me to bowl less overs.

"We kept in mind that we were preparing for a one-day competition, not a four-over competition… then it becomes difficult to jump on and prepare and bowl more." Fatigue is a possibility. I was getting ready for a one-day competition and had a lot of overs under my belt. Now I'm looking forward to getting into the game and working my way up."