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"I'm 100% Kiwi And Proud Of...": New Zealand Star Rachin Ravindra On His Indian Roots

"I'm 100% Kiwi And Proud Of...": New Zealand Star Rachin Ravindra On His Indian Roots
Australia defeated New Zealand by 5 runs in a Cricket World Cup 2023 match, despite Rachin Ravindra's century.

In a Cricket World Cup 2023 encounter between Australia and New Zealand, batsman Rachin Ravindra of New Zealand continued his incredible run.

With Ravindra scoring 116 off 89 balls, New Zealand had a good chance of reaching the 389-run goal, but the Australians prevailed in spite of a heroic last stand by Jimmy Neesham.

During the press conference, Rachin was questioned not just about his mid-performance but also on his "Indian roots" and the love he received from the crowd.

Rachin was questioned about the strain of playing in India due to his Indian ancestry during the press conference held following New Zealand's defeat by Australia.

"Well, I suppose this is a topic that people ask me a lot, but I suppose I'm 100% Kiwi and I'm really proud of my Indian heritage.

To be able to do it in the nation where my parents were born, raised, and where a large portion of my family resides, I suppose is a source of pride.

However, I believe that the batting conditions are favourable and that having been able to visit India on tours in the past has allowed me to strive to improve rather than perfect my game. That must be helpful in some manner, Ravindra answered.

Given that Dharamsala was a "neutral venue" for the Kiwis, Rachin was also questioned about the support he received from the locals there.

Indeed, I believe that this was among the best audiences we have ever played to in India. The excitement and reaction of the crowd during the game was quite remarkable.

When you're a kid, you always imagined the audience singing your name, therefore it was great to witness them do that several times, even throughout Australian batting and during Nish Neesham's heroics at the finish.

You kind of absorb in those moments, and ideally we never really take them for granted, so I think it's always wonderful," he remarked.

New Zealand is fit enough to make it to the 2023 Cricket World Cup semi-finals despite the defeat.