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Internet Memes galore as India vs Pakistan World Cup match set to get rescheduled; check out some..

Due to security concerns, the India-Pakistan World Cup match, which was initially planned for October 15 in Ahmedabad, may be moved. The International Cricket Council (ICC) had intended for this highly anticipated match to serve as the tournament's opening match on the first day of Navratri, a significant Gujarati festival.

However, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has been advised to reconsider the selected date after security authorities voiced worries about the potential pressure on resources and personnel during the festive period. A decision will apparently be made soon, and the BCCI is also examining other options.

The security services have advised against holding a high-profile match, such as India vs. Pakistan, during Navratri. This is due to the expectation that thousands of fans will travel to Ahmedabad for the game, and the capacity of the security officers may be strained during the festival period.

People have begun to share memes about the date change in the interim, particularly because it will be difficult for those who have already completed their trip arrangements.

Many have urged the BCCI to keep the dates as they are. Some claim that it will be unfair to the Pakistani squad because it will be busy.

According to media reports, the highly anticipated India vs. Pakistan match would be moved up by one day because appropriate police security on October 15—the start of a Hindu festival—may not be possible.

After British colonial control ended in 1947, India and Pakistan became independent nations. Since then, they have fought three wars and continue to ratchet up tensions by rattling sabres at one another.

Despite the ICC's optimism, Pakistan has stated that they would need government approval to travel to India for the World Cup.

Over the past ten years, the enmity-filled neighbours have only faced off in multi-team competitions at neutral venues.