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PCB set to appoint Najam Sethi as chairman again as Pakistan's ludicrous drama continues

PCB set to appoint Najam Sethi as chairman again as Pakistan's ludicrous drama continues

In July 2023, Zaka Ashraf took over as head of the Pakistan Cricket Board, which means that Najam Sethi was no longer in charge. So, he finished his eventful seven-month run as head of the PCB. He also helped organise the Asia Cup 2023 in a hybrid way.

But just 3 months after he left his job, the former head of the PCB is likely to get it back. This is because the top job in Pakistan's most important cricket organisation keeps changing hands.

A report from Cricbuzz says that Zaka Ashraf is most likely going to lose his job as head of PCB. Most likely, his old boss, Najam Sethi, will take over. Because of how things are politically in the country, this might change.

With general elections coming up in Pakistan, the present government, led by Shehbaz Sharif, changed to a caretaker government.

To make sure that the election process was fair, the Pakistan election board talked to the government about getting rid of all political appointments. The Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) then talked to the Prime Minister's Principal Secretary.

Several people, including Najam Sethi, the present head of the PCB, were found to be political appointments.

"In pursuance of para(g) of the notification, "To ensure immediate termination of services of all heads of institutions headed appointed on political basis and to send all such cases to the commission for approval of termination or otherwise," a letter from the IPC Ministry read.

"Two cases pertaining to Ministry of IPC are submitted for consideration and appropriate orders please:

(i) Mr Zaka Ashraf (PPP), chairman, managing committee, Pakistan Cricket Board
(ii) Peer Syed Ahmed Nawaz Shah (PPP), chairman, Federation Land Commission (sic)," the letter further read.

The post of the PCB chairman has always traditionally been a political appointment. Zaka Ashraf took over from Najam Sethi after the Pakistan People's Party said that they should have their nominee as the PCB president due to their control of the federal sports ministry of the country.