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Stuart Broad Repeats Bail Trick; Dismisses Murphy In Dramatic Swansong - Watch

Stuart Broad Repeats Bail Trick; Dismisses Murphy In Dramatic Swansong - Watch

On the fifth day of the fifth Test of the 2023 Ashes series at the Oval, Stuart Broad appeared to recreate the miraculous bail trick after the remarkable dismissal of Marnus Labuschagne in the first innings. This was the final professional cricket match of his career.

When England's tailender Todd Murphy threatened to win the match, Stuart Broad supplied the crucial dismissal by convincing him to edge a ball into Jonny Bairstow's hands. In order to give Josh Alex Carey's career a happily-ever-after conclusion, Broad also claimed his final wicket.

But what was amazing about Todd Murphy's wicket was that Broad shifted the bails immediately before moving into his delivery side. The famous pacer once again produced the wicket mere seconds after the action, shocking the cricketing world.

With a 49-run victory, England evened the series at 2-2. England will be left to rue the fourth Test washout in Manchester, when they came close to clinching a victory, while Australia will keep the urn. Before England's remarkable comeback in one of the greatest Test series ever, Australia had won the first two matches.

Broad admitted that he learned the method from Australian players after Labuschagne was out in the first innings and said it is fortunate for them.

"I've seen Nathan Lyon do it, and I've heard that's an Australian change of luck thing. We needed a breakthrough after a couple play-and-misses in the morning practise, so I decided to modify the bails slightly.

He stole the following ball, and Rooty made a fantastic catch very much by accident. For whatever reason, I just went and had a party with Uzzy [Usman Khawaja]. If you touch my bails, I'll flip them backwards, he warned. So he immediately warned me," Broad remarked following the opening inning.