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Team India can end Asia Cup 2023 as No.1 team in ODIs, Here's how

Team India can end Asia Cup 2023 as No.1 team in ODIs, Here's how

Team India has won two games in 24 hours to get the ticket of final of the Asia Cup 2023. They beat Pakistan by a huge spread of 228 runs and then beat Sri Lanka in a low-scoring game last night by just 41 runs.

Now, the final will be played on Sunday, and they will play either Pakistan or Sri Lanka. India has now won three games in a row, which has helped them close the gap with Australia and Pakistan, which are the top two teams.

But the Blue Men have a chance to become the best 50-over team right before the World Cup. But for that to happen, Babar Azam's Pakistan team needs to lose to Sri Lanka on Thursday (September 14).

Then, India will have to win both against Bangladesh and against Sri Lanka in the final. Along with this, they will have to hope that South Africa beats Australia in the last two ODIs of the five-match series between the two teams.

In this case, India will beat both Australia and Pakistan to become the top team in the ICC One-Day International rankings. Also, they need to beat Australia in the three ODIs that are planned before the World Cup if they want to keep their place.

If Pakistan loses to Sri Lanka, they will drop to third place, below India, and lose three rating points. But if they win against Sri Lanka, they will stay at number one with 119 rating points, and they will need South Africa to beat Australia in the ODI series for them to stay at number one.

On the other hand, Australia will be at the top of the league as soon as they win their games against the Proteas. There is a lot of competition between the top three teams right now, even though they are 12–14 points ahead of the fourth-place team, New Zealand, and the teams below them.

Latest ICC ODI Rankings

Team Points
Australia 118
Pakistan 118
India 116
New Zealand 104
England 101
South Africa 101
Bangladesh 92
Sri Lanka 91
Afghanistan 80
West Indies 68