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“Team India Is Lacking Left-Handers” – R Ashwin Names This Batter As Backup For 2023 World Cup

“Team India Is Lacking Left-Handers” – R Ashwin Names This Batter As Backup For 2023 World Cup

Ravichandran Ashwin, a veteran bowler, thinks that Tilak Varma, a great batsman, could be a backup choice for the Indian team at the ICC ODI World Cup 2023. From October 5 to November 19, 2023, the huge event will take place in India. Before the World Cup, Team India needs to figure out a lot about its starting XI.

With the World Cup coming up in a few months, it's important to know how well KL Rahul and Shreyas are getting better. After getting hurt and losing out on important events, they haven't made their comeback yet.

Team India hasn't been able to get their opening order down since they haven't been there. Tilak Varma, who made a good first impression in the T20I series against the West Indies that is still going on, is a potential back-up choice.

“Team India Is Lacking Left-Handers” – R Ashwin Names This Batter As Backup For 2023 World Cup
Tilak Varma Gets the support of Ravi Ashwin

"This is a close call when it comes to the World Cup. So, if we don't have enough back-ups, will they think about Tilak Varma? Because Sanju Samson has done very well in one-day internationals (ODIs).

But what's exciting about Tilak Varma is that he hits with his left hand, which Team India doesn't have enough of. Ashwin said in a recent YouTube video that Jaddu is the only player in the top seven who bats left-handed.

"And look at how all the top teams have off-spinners. Ashton Agar is part of Australia. Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid are two good bowlers for England. So, most teams don't have a finger spinner to challenge players who hit with their left hand. This is why Tilak's birth is so important.

It's still early, but will they consider him? At least he has gotten everyone's attention. He is most likely in the plan B. Because if a voter had seen that knock, they would have thought, "Wow!"," he said.

The way Tilak Varma plays is a lot like the way Rohit Sharma: Ravichandran Ashwin plays.
Ravichandran Ashwin thinks that Tilak Varma's style of play is like that of Team India's Rohit Sharma.

He noticed that the left-handed hitter pulls the ball naturally, like an Australian batter. He also said that Tilak Varma's hit against the West Indies in the second T20I was "stupendous." Ravichandran Ashwin said in his YouTube video,

"His way of hitting is very different from what you'd expect from an Indian making his world start. Rohit Sharma's style of play is a lot like his. The pull shot makes him sweat. Indian hitters don't usually get ready to play the pull shot. It's something they get better at over time.

But his game looks like he has a natural pull shot and hits the ball outside the rope like an Aussie hitter. It was too early to call, but that knock was great."