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'The Most Controversial Ex-Indian Cricket Team Coach' Greg Chappell Facing Financial Struggle, Friends Raise Funds

'The Most Controversial Ex-Indian Cricket Team Coach' Greg Chappell Facing Financial Struggle, Friends Raise Funds
According to an article, cricket icon Greg Chappell disclosed going through a financial hardship and that his friends helped him by helping to build up an online fundraising platform to "enhance his last few years".

According to a report, cricket legend Greg Chappell has shared that he experienced financial difficulties. In a heartwarming gesture, his friends came together to establish an online fundraising platform to support him and improve his quality of life in his later years.

The former Australia captain, who is now 75 years old, had a controversial period as the head coach of the Indian team from 2005-2007.

He understood that he is doing well, but his cricketing career has not led to a luxurious lifestyle. Chappell informed News Corp that he is not in a financial bind.

I want to clarify that we are not in a desperate situation, but we are also not living a luxurious lifestyle. Many people tend to assume that playing cricket automatically means living a life of luxury.

He said, "Although I'm not complaining about our financial situation, we are not experiencing the same level of benefits as today's players."

According to the report, Chappell agreed to a GoFundMe page being set up for him, although he expressed some reluctance.

Additionally, a testimonial lunch was held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) last week. The lunch was hosted by Eddie McGuire and attended by cricket legends, including brothers Ian and Trevor.

Chappell further stated that he is not the only player from his era who has faced financial difficulties, despite the significant changes in professional cricket since his retirement.

Chappell explained that it was only his friends who had come to the realisation that they hadn't received much, and they wanted to ensure that both Judy and he were able to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

To be fair, there are others from our era who are facing more dire circumstances and could greatly benefit from assistance. I believe that the game has not adequately supported players from that era.

Specifically, when considering the comparison to the present time. Chappell added, "I believe it is important to recognise the players who set the scene for the current state of the game and acknowledge the role they played in its development."

Pacer Dennis Lillee, wicketkeeper Rod Marsh, and Chappell formed a legendary trio that made the decision to join Kerry Packer's World Series Cricket during the late 1970s.

However, unlike Lillee and Marsh, Chappell did not have the opportunity to receive a fundraising testimonial at the conclusion of his cricket career, which would have provided financial support for his retirement.

According to a report on, Chappell's friends have expressed concern about his current situation, stating that he is facing more challenges than any Australian sporting legend should have to endure.

Greg is a man who takes great pride in himself. "He is facing more challenges than he admits," stated Chappell's friend Peter Maloney.

The Australian cricket legend also manages the Chappell Foundation, an organisation dedicated to raising funds for charities that support homelessness.

The foundation ensures that every cent is distributed annually, and Chappell does not retain any money for himself.

According to Maloney, the Chappell Foundation, which is overseen by Darshak Mehta, ensures that all the funds raised are fully distributed.

They distribute it on an annual basis, ensuring that by the end of each year, they have allocated all of the funds and are ready to begin anew.

If you associate your name with a foundation, you have the right to withdraw some funds from it. However, Greg has refrained from withdrawing any money from it, despite having the opportunity to do so.

It seems ironic that he was the public representative of the cause, attending every event and raising significant funds, despite not having much wealth himself.

Maloney added, "To put it simply, we anticipate raising approximately $250,000 from this, which will greatly improve his remaining years."

Chappell's tenure with the Indian cricket team has been forgettable. During his tenure, the former coach Chappell had a strained relationship with iconic Indian players such as Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly.

Greg's tenure as coach was the most challenging period of my career. Tendulkar, as quoted by Hindustan Times, expressed that there is no doubt about our collective failure in 2007. 

However, he also mentioned that the high-handed manner of someone added to our disappointment and had a harmful impact on Indian cricket immediately after our defeat.

During the 1970s and 80s, Chappell achieved an impressive record of scoring 24 centuries in 87 Tests. Additionally, he demonstrated his leadership skills by captaining the Australian team in 48 matches.

In January 1984, he retired from Tests as the highest run-getter in Australian Test history, surpassing Sir Donald Bradman's record of 6996 runs.