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When MS Dhoni Said no To Food Prepared by 5-Star Hotel Chef

When MS Dhoni Said no To Food Prepared by 5-Star Hotel Chef

In one notable instance, MS Dhoni's unusual request stunned famous chef Suresh Pillai. Chef Pillai, who has catered to sports stars and celebrities in the past, related the incident on X (previously known as Twitter), in which Dhoni declined a dish prepared by him.

The incident occurred during India's 2018 cricket trip against the West Indies, while the squad was stationed at Leela's Kovalam, where Chef Pillai works.

Pillai was looking forward to seeing Dhoni as the team prepared to go to Thiruvananthapuram.

When Dhoni eventually got off the van, he greeted everyone with his signature smile, leaving Chef Pillai speechless. Despite having prepared an impressive seafood platter for the exhausted players following their lengthy travel, Pillai noted that Dhoni did not partake in the feast.

Dhoni's shellfish allergy was blamed for this unexpected turn of events. Pillai recalled Dhoni summoning him to his room about 10 p.m. and giving him a specific order.

Overwhelmed by Dhoni's request, Pillai rushed to prepare a feast that comprised Chettinad Chicken, Basmati Rice, Roasted Pappadam, and Rasam laced with pepper and garlic spices.

The next morning, Dhoni thanked Pillai for the previous night's dinner, lavishing compliments on the cuisine cooked.

Chef Pillai was enthralled by the memories of serving the heart of Indian cricket at Leela's Kovalam five years ago when reflecting on this interaction.

"Being able to serve and make one of my biggest idols happy, even if only for four days, will always be a highlight of my culinary career." Once in a while, someone comes along and stops the world.

You were, are, and always will be our Thala who brought the world to a halt. "Can't wait to serve you again!" Chef Pillai commented on Facebook.

While the story was originally published in May of this year, it has since received numerous likes and reposts and has touched many people's hearts.