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'Will answer this in English because I might get in trouble': India Head Coach Dravid leaves PC room in splits with bizarre response

'Will answer this in English because I might get in trouble': India Head Coach Dravid leaves PC room in splits with bizarre response

When asked about the pitch ratings for India's matches against Pakistan and Australia, Rahul Dravid had a pretty unusual reaction.

India has won four convincing matches against Australia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh during their 2023 World Cup campaign, being undefeated thus far.

With the exception of the first stumble in a small 199-run chase, which left India reeling at 2/3, India's performances hardly raised any eyebrows as they easily defeated the four elite teams in the tournament.

The pitches that were created for India's matches against Australia and Pakistan, however, did not meet the ICC's standards, since they were deemed to be "average."

On the Ahmedabad surface, Pakistan collapsed from 156/3 to 191 all out, with India needing just 30.3 overs to win by seven wickets.

In Chennai, Australia was bowled out for 199, and India chased down the goal with six wickets remaining. Although the pitches were deemed to be "average," India's head coach Rahul Dravid disagreed with the evaluation.

Dravid "respectfully" disagreed with the assessment, stating that the hitters' performances and explosiveness shouldn't be the only things considered during an ODI match.

Though the reporter had posed his question in Hindi, Dravid responded in that language at first, which made it very funny. However, as he got into "trouble," he changed to English.

"First of all, I respectfully disagree, Karunga. Vo excellent runs scored. (I firmly and unwaveringly disagree with the average rating assigned to the two wickets.) Since responding in English could get me into trouble, I'll do so. Dravid stated as he split up to leave the room.

"They seemed like solid wickets to me. I disagree if your goal is to watch only 350 games and consider those wickets to be the best.

You also need to see a variety of skills demonstrated, in my opinion. It doesn't matter if we want to witness only fours and sixes being struck.

Why are the bowlers here if those are the only good wickets? Dravid asked during the press conference held prior to India's game against New Zealand in Dharamsala, "Why have spinners at all, for that matter?"

"I believe that all of the skills, including the ability to spin strikes through the middle, should be on exhibit.

Witness the skill with which Jadeja bowls, Kane Williamson swings a strike into the middle, and KL Rahul and Virat Kohli batted against Australia. Those are also skills. On the day of India's game against New Zealand, Dravid stated, "Those also need to come out and be shown and be displayed."

India's goal against New Zealand at the historic HPCA Stadium in Dharamsala will be to win five straight games. The two teams are the only undefeated teams in the World Cup.