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When MS Dhoni Picked Video Games Over Wife Sakshi Dhoni In The Bedroom

When MS Dhoni Picked Video Games Over Wife Sakshi Dhoni In The Bedroom

We all know that former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni is a big fan of video games. During his time playing international cricket, he used to invite his teammates to his hotel room during overseas tours for long sessions of gaming on PlayStation or Xbox.

Even recently, there was a video of Dhoni playing the game 'Candy Crush' on a tablet during a flight, which became quite popular online. The video made 'Candy Crush' even more famous after it spread on social media.

There was a funny incident involving Dhoni's wife, Sakshi Dhoni, where she was a bit annoyed because he was spending time on his tablet in their bedroom rather than paying attention to her.

She posted a picture on Instagram a few years ago, showing Dhoni in their bedroom and jokingly wrote, "Times when you crave attention from #mrsweetie ! Video games vs Wife (Disclaimer: our close friends will understand this picture)".

MS Dhoni and Sakshi celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary on July 4th. The captain of the Chennai Super Kings, MS Dhoni, got married to Sakshi in Dehradun in 2010.

Sakshi Dhoni shared an interesting detail about their first meeting a couple of years ago. During a live chat on the Chennai Super Kings' Instagram page, she talked about how they met. She mentioned that her first impression of Dhoni was quite ordinary, as she met him through a common friend.

She didn't follow cricket that closely at that time, so she knew only a few players like Sachin Tendulkar, Dravid, and Sourav Ganguly. She referred to Dhoni as the "Pahadi guy" with long hair, but when she met him, she realized he actually had short hair.

MS Dhoni and Sakshi have a daughter named Ziva, born in 2015. Both Sakshi and Ziva were present at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad during the 2023 IPL final, which Chennai Super Kings won with MS Dhoni as the leader of team.